We The Makers Create 2023

In a world overrun by environmental issues, over consumption and fast fashion, We the Makers Create provides an opportunity to slow down and be inspired by the handmade, the local and the sustainable. We are all makers, and we can make a difference.

Learn from designers, craftspeople, and fashion entrepreneurs leading the way in sustainable, ethical practice. Whether it’s a hands-on workshop, family school holiday activity, cocktail night, or a talk you’re sure to find something that will help make your fashion and textiles more sustainable.

We the Makers Fashion Disrupted | Geelong Design Week
20-24 October

Discover the power of slow fashion through frantic making and rapid design at the National Wool Museum during Geelong Design Week!
Fashion is full of contradictions and challenges: how can an industry based on consumption, conformity and aspiration be sustainable, radical and inclusive? Delve into these grey areas by joining fashion disruptors to explore the power of creativity, design and sustainable style.

House of Fast Fashun
Daily 19–29 October | Free with entry

You are invited to help us create the House of Fast Fashun - a house made entirely of clothing and textile waste, a space for community, collaboration and self-expression.

DIY OR DIE Fashion Show and Cocktail Party feat. Fast Fashun
Friday 20 October, 5.30pm–9.00pm | $30 per person 18+

A party for movers and shakers who make, repurpose and reimage the future of fashion. Celebrating the closing week of We the Makers Sustainable Fashion Prize 2023, meet with local finalists and like minded fashionistas looking to change community thinking, one garment at a time.

Creative Practice Forum
Tuesday 24 October, 10.30am–1.30pm

$20 per VCE student, School Group booking preferred, individual students welcome.

Half day forum to meet and learn from Sustainable Fashion Prize 2023 finalists. Gain insight into the designer’s creative processes and their approach to research, business, experimentation, and realisation of the outfit on display.

Bookings [email protected]

Free Entry Fashion Disruption Weekend
21-22 October

House of Fast Fashun DIY or DIE Fashion Show
21 October 10.00am – 5.00pm | All ages

Audiences become the fashion designers, makers, and catwalk models.

Geelong Fashion Takeover
21-22 October 10.00am – 5.00pm | All ages

Local We the Makers Sustainable Fashion Prize 2023 finalists as they take over the Museum and turn it into a house of creativity! Installations include multi-sensorial designs by Emily Rastas, slow craft of fast fashion by Kate V M Sylvester, Indigenous weaving by Jasmine-Skye Marinos and retro cocktail party styling by Lazarus Gordon.